Karl-Heinz Bentrup GmbH


Hello, I am Karl-Heinz Bentrup,

for the last 40 years CNC lathes have been my daily bread and for nearly 30 years the Karl-Heinz Bentrup GmbH stands for guaranteed service.

My motto "You only pay for success!" to me isn't just a catchphrase, but central dogma.

It is my desire to solve your problems as fast as possible, so your production can undisturbedly continue.

I can count on my longstanding experience as a service technician, which has led me to nearly every corner of the world and there aren't many errors I haven't encountered and solved.

I'll gladly offer my knowledge and expertise to you as well.

Give me a call!

Phone : 01 72 - 52 05 460

My services

Repair of GILDEMEISTER lathes

Predominantly electric and electronics.

Connection of older CNC controllers to personal computers


Phone Consulting

Absolutely free for you!

On-site Service

You only pay for success!

Exchange and repair of feed and main drives

Virtually all GILDEMEISTER lathes & other manufacturers.

Exchange of CRT to LED monitor

Nearly all machines!


A selection of machines I service:

CTX 400 E, CTX 600 E, CTX 400 EPL 2.2, CT40 EPL 1 & 2, CT60 EPL 2, GAC 65, NEF 560 EPL 1, NEF 410 Fanuc TS, CT 20 EPL 2

Also CTX 500 with EPL 2.2 and Heidenhain controller, NEF 280, 360, 480, 660, 840, 1020, with Fanuc Mate L/T, NEF 280, 400, 560, 710, 840, 1020 with Fanux Mate TS and EPL, CT 40 and CT 60 all NEF with Fanuc TC or Siemens 810, GD Maschinen with Fanuc controller


I charge the following prices for my services:
On-site service per hour 92€
Travel per hour 78€
Milage per km 0.75€
Phone Consulting free
All prices excluding taxes
No surcharge for overtime, night or weekend work. No hidden fees.
Travel expenses are calculated from Bielefeld
Prices for replacements on demand.

Contact us

Karl-Heinz Bentrup GmbH
Service für Gildemeister Drehmaschinen

Business executive:

Karl-Heinz Bentrup
born 17. Juli 1953 in Bielefeld

Amtsgericht Bielefeld HRB 33903

UST-ID NR.: DE 126 946 005

Steuer Nr. 349 5737/0579 216311 0208
Finanzamt Bielefeld-Außenstadt

+49 52 05 72 81 887
+49 172 52 05 460
+49 52 05 72 81 888
Vennhofallee 63, 33689